Still undecided whether you to learn about wine?

Wine can seem like a daunting subject to tackle from a far. The truth however, is that:

  • Once you know a little bit, you’ll feel a whole lot better about the whole topic.
  • Discussing it, tasting it, drinking it and ordering it suddenly becomes more pleasant and it will actually help  you learn, as you begin to make more calculated decisions
  • Wine become easier the more you learn.
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There is a lot of stuff to know about wine. There are varieties, classifications, tannins, acidicy, regions and differences in year. Not to mention the wonderful stories that come with where a wine is made, and who made it.

How to start learning about wine:

An easy way to learn more about wine is visit your local liquor store or wine shop, and just buy a few bottles. Try a few different ones and decide what you like vs don’t like.

The next step is to write down why you liked and disliked each one. Try to identify the individual flavours.

Are you a completely new to wine? It doesnt matter if you don’t know how to describe tannin and acidy in wine yet. Start with a theme such as a particular wine region or a grape variety – and work through it, tasting as many wines as possible.

The Education section aims to provide you with some tactical steps help you improve your wine knowledge. And we promise to make it fun.

You’re about to get started on your wine journey – Congratulations for coming here!