Cabernet Franc is one of the major black grape varieties worldwide. It is principally grown for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the Bordeaux style, but can also be vinified alone, as in the Loire’s Chinon.

Finger lake, Hudson River

 Cooler climate wines, medium bodies wine from basque of France 

Cabernet Franc is a lot like Cabernet Sauvignon, which makes sense, since they are related. Both grapes thrive in a variety of soils, for example. … Cabernet Franc buds and ripens earlier than its big bad child, allowing it to thrive in cooler climate regions. And their skins are thinner than those of Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine is loved for its savory, bell pepper-like flavors, medium-high acidity and mouthwatering taste. It is an ideal food pairing wine. Cabernet Franc blends pair well with grilled steaks and chops, Portobello mushrooms, green olives, pepper, rosemary, and mint. Lighter versions of 100% Cabernet Franc (look for a lighter pink color) will pair well with chicken, white fish, and quiche.”

Savoury dry, lighter than can sav – warmer climate. Ages we’ll with high tannic and acidity